Programmatic Job Ads that Deliver

Acquire more of the right candidates by placing, bidding & optimising your job ads across hundreds of publishers with ApplyExchange.

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Hire better, faster & smarter

Programmatic recruitment advertising has tons of advantages.

Find the best talent for your roles by ensuring your ads are seen by the right people, wherever they are.
Automatically increase your efficiency to hire through job ad placement that maximises quickest conversions.
Make your budget go further by only investing in the channels that are delivering results

Built for your recruiting needs

ApplyExchange provides you with a comprehensive, best in class, programmatic platform that can deliver no matter your job advertising needs.

Recruitment Media Agencies

Deliver the results that your clients need

Recruitment Advertising Agencies are harnessing ApplyExchange to offer a best in class programmatic solution for their clients.

Ensure you are delivering the most efficient spend and the highest quality of applicants no matter your clients needs.

Manage all your publishers and retain control across your campaigns by placing ‘rules’ on your clients’ job advertisements to stay within budget.

Direct Employers

Pay for applicants. Not clicks.

We programmatically post your job advertisements to ensure we target the right candidates for your role at the best price.

ApplyExchange is changing the way employers hire, simply set your budget and only pay for the applications you receive.

Job Boards / ATS’s

Helping you to help your clients.

ApplyExchange allows Job Boards and ATS’s to increase the number of candidate applications to their clients' vacancies under the most efficient spend.

ApplyExchange allows you to harness the power of programmatic and enhance your customers experience.

Staffing / Recruitment Agencies

Maximise the returns on your job advertising investment

Unleash the power of programmatic advertising to ensure you target the candidates you need to fill any role.

ApplyExchange ensures the right candidates end up in your inbox so you can then focus on placing them with your clients.

ApplyExchange is revolutionising recruitment

ApplyExchange will change the way you recruit and deliver results for even the most challenging of hiring demands.

Budget Savings

Automatically stop spending when you hit your hiring needs and reduce your cost and time to hire.

Increased Conversion

Spend is channeled to best performing publishers to maximise performance and ramp up your conversion rate.

Realtime Analytics

Instantly access your performance data to immediately and intelligently inform your hiring decisions.


Choose between a Pay per Applicant or Pay per Click model to best suit your hiring needs.

Publisher Agnostic

ApplyExchange will automatically focus spend on those publishers that are driving you successful applications.

Smart Ingestion

ApplyExchange can handle any variation on how we ingest your jobs and allow for one click ATS or CRM integration.